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Our vision is to change the way organizations view and manage the full life cycle of their intellectual property assets, helping them to transition IP to a central place in their business growth models and realize its full value.

With our rich experience in all stages of the process from invention to commercialization and infringement analysis to industry standardization, we provide a cohesive, rigorous approach, supporting companies with integrity and transparency.

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The ESSENTIAL IP components

Patents with a

Knowing from the outset what each and every patent is for allows it to be developed to perfectly fulfill its purpose, and enables portfolios to track evolutions in technology

Portfolios that give market POWER

A well-balanced portfolio protects your intellectual capital as well as providing you the capacity to enable new markets or disrupt existing ones

Strategies that

Strategically developed IP and know-how in nascent and growing technologies supports the ability to rapidly adapt to shifts in markets and in competition

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